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Backpack water tank & pump for water fed pole window and solar cleaning AquaSpray 4 Gallon, Rechargable 12v battery.

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Say goodbye to the streaks and smears leftover on those windows and solar panels!
The AquaSpray 4.2 Gallon Water Tank Backpack, allows you to source your own particulate-free water supply and eliminate those pesky streaks and smears left behind when it dries.
Our battery powered, completely portable, water tank backpack will set you apart from the competition and allow you to run your operation completely self-sufficiently. Letting you and your guys take on more jobs than ever before.
The commercial grade pump allows for a variable water pressure of 29 - 72 psi and flow rates of up to a Gallon Per Minute. Plus, weighing only 13 pounds… you maintain your mobile cleaning ability and increase productivity!
Simply attach your water-fed cleaning pole and get to work.
Model: Aquaspray Backpack

Water Tank Capacity: 4.2 US

Gallons Working Pressure: Variable (29 - 72 psi)

Flowrate: 0.95 Gallons per minute

Dimensions: 39" x 27" x 51"

Weight (including battery): 13 LBS



Used the Superlite 18 today, the results were great at half the price...thanks.

David Jones - Diamond Dazzle Windows

Super easy to set up and at 6lbs easy to use.
Thanks for the great value

Andrew Cunningham - Drew's Windows CA

Thanks for the great service... I got the pole in time for my job and started using it straightway

Johnny's Window and Gutter Cleaning IN

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