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Window and Solar Panel Cleaning System "Pure Water" ready Rolling 11 Gallon Pro45 Water Tank with Water Fed Pole

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We have paired our largest volume rolling water delivery tank with our range of AquaSpray Superlite water fed poles. If you are looking for a portable water delivery system for washing windows or solar panels look no further. This system has been built with safety in mind... you will never need to get on ladders again to clean those high windows or panels. The 11 gallon water tank features a variable water pressure "nob" allowing you complete control over how fast the water is pumped through the hose and ultimately how much is sprayed onto the panel or pane. The tank also has a rechargable 12v battery that comes with charging pack, this allows the unit to be completely portable. The included hose is 150 feet long and is coiled on a reel for convenience. Simply pick which size pole is right for your jobs and connect the brass male and female quick connectors from the tank to the water fed pole and hey presto you are ready to work. NOTE: This system provides optimum performance when used in conjunction with a water purification system "pure water" What's in the Box In The Box Aquaspray Pro 45 Tank 12 volt 9Ah rechargeable battery (maintenance free) Battery charger pack 150 feet water hose Hose Reel Model: Aquaspray Pro45 Water Tank Capacity: 11.9 US Gallons Working Pressure: Variable 29 - 100 psi Flowrate: 1 Gallons per minute Dimensions: 26 x 16.5 x 37.2 Weight (including battery): 13.2 lbs



Used the Superlite 18 today, the results were great at half the price...thanks.

David Jones - Diamond Dazzle Windows

Super easy to set up and at 6lbs easy to use.
Thanks for the great value

Andrew Cunningham - Drew's Windows CA

Thanks for the great service... I got the pole in time for my job and started using it straightway

Johnny's Window and Gutter Cleaning IN

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